Welcome to the Swaaddesh

The concept of establishing ‘Swaaddesh’ came around 2015. We started with the scratch in comparatively smaller space and within a few years expanded for greater seating ability with improved interior. The idea of Swaaddesh struck while we were touring metropolitan towns like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Punjab and some more. These urban cities have a lot of themed eatery places, selecting Punjabi theme continually stands in the first priority, Rajasthani turned also into in the list. We thought why anyone never picks Bihar as their theme that depicts state some way in a great manner, at that point ‘Swaaddesh’ got here into existence.

Swaaddesh is a first themed restaurant on Bihar subculture that portrays and shows all the famous craft produced by Bihar. Such as Madhubani painting from Madhubani district, pottery craft from Buxer district, leather-based craft from West Champaran district and so on. We likewise endeavored to don't forget our childhood or our 90’s time. Our ninety’s without cellular and internet was considerably more excellent and greater than the current time, So it's a little adventure or a platform which can carry a grin to your face while recalling those days.

We expect to succeed and give a little motivation to visit 'Swaaddesh'. Much thanks to being a part of our little swadesi venture.

Visit Us and Know about the Swaaddesh Restaurant


The swaaddesh restaurant is India's first and only restaurant representing the culture of "Bihar".


The swaadesh restaurant gives great views of the culture of Bihar and offer the chance for customers to explore the heritage of Bihar along with their meal.


Swaaddesh restaurant is the name of a grand and passionate journey of the taste and flavor of Bihar, unraveling the culture of Bihar and sharing it with the world.


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